Agile Transformation


Learn more about the various possibilities we offer for the betterment of your work environment through Agile


We use a proven Agile transformation framework (developed by ourselves) that gets adapted for each company to fit their unique circumstances

In today’s highly competitive market every company tries to outperform, outshine and beat the competitors to bring their awesome products first in the market. Larger corporations cannot bargain on having big client bases anymore. Smaller, more nimble and exciting Agile companies are riding the waves of change, and they are getting a lot of attention ... from your client base!

One needs to work hard to get to the top and even harder to stay there.

"But, we are also doing Agile!", you might say. The fact is, almost everybody is "doing" it. That is, focusing on certain Agile practices and working in some kind of iterative environment, but without really adopting the heart of Agile.

It is not a matter anymore about who is doing Agile and who is not. It is about who has become Agile best. It is those companies that truly get the heart of Agile, implement the cultural shifts in becoming Agile. They will eventually excel in their products so much that they will outperform their competitors every time, with respect to innovation, quality and time to market.

Agile Sense understands that any cultural shift is a huge thing and NOT easy.

We move at the pace that the adoption allows and will not force the client into anything. We focus on a holistic adoption in business and IT. We start small and incrementally grow the adoption just like one would build any successful product.

Be careful of the main Agile adoption failing points as you embark on your journey:
  • Insufficient leadership support
  • Mediocre and inexperienced Agile coaches
  • Lack of training
  • Insufficient Change Management

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